Renée Katherine Morgan holds a Master of Music in Music Theory from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2014), where she studied composition with Salvatore Macchia. She continued on to PhD studies there, but left after a year to pursue a non-academic career. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Western Carolina University (2011). 

When Renée is not composing, supporting fellow musicians, or researching her craft, she enjoys playing euphonium (by herself, because euphonium players don’t get gigs), riding her bike, yelling at her laptop, and fixing buttons on her friends’ clothes for affection and beer. She also does cool stuff like judging the Fall Foliage Parade in North Adams, MA and volunteering at her local co-op. 

People say nice things about her work, such as:

“Frick this fricking stuff right here.”John Mortara, famous poet
“I enjoyed your use of chromatic mediants.” William Malvey, UMass Student
“Your piece sounded like bees!” Donna Carpenter, Academic Program Manager, UMass

Renée’s compositional influences include Ravel, Dvorák, Stravinsky, Bartók, Smetana, and others.